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Our Mission is to provide a livelihood for our people that is safe, secure, challenging and rewarding by delivering ever improving service and products to our customers.  We expect that our commitment to excellence will raise the bar for our industry and add value to the community in which we live and work.

Treeline, Inc.

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Photo of Brian Souers - Founder of Treeline

In 1981, Brian Souers, who is the owner and President of Treeline, Inc., founded a forest-based company and named it “Intensive Forest Management”. His vision was to develop a company that would advance Professional Forest Management in Maine. Three years later Brian renamed the company Treeline, Inc., which has become a well known and respected name in the Forest Industry. Brian’s daughter, Whitney Souers, serves as Vice President and the pair work hand in hand, along with a seasoned management team, to keep everything running smoothly. Brian started in business with only a chainsaw and a horse named Captain. Since then the company has grown to a high of 90 employees, over 200 trucks, trailers, service vehicles and heavy equipment, three large maintenance shops, a small sawmill, a concentration wood yard, and a supply store.

Before Brian started Treeline, he worked as a forester for International Paper Company. He had studied forestry at the New York State School of Forestry, spending one year at Syracuse University and a second year at the New York State Ranger School, focused on technical training. Since then Brian has kept his passion for Forest Management and Forest Products front and center at Treeline. Whitney and staff continue to help Brian carry forth his vision for Treeline’s excellence into the future.

Treeline offers a wide range of forest-based products and services to the surrounding towns and communities that it serves.

Please reach out to us. Everyone here at Treeline looks forward to meeting you and serving your needs!

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Brian and Whitney are happy to assist you with all your needs.

Photo of Brian Souers - Founder of Treeline


Brian Souers

Office: 207-794-2044 Ext. 207
Cell: 207-290-2901
Photo of Whitney Souers, Vice President of Treeline

Vice President

Whitney Souers

Office: 207-794-2044 Ext. 210
Cell: 207-290-7932

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Treeline provides a livelihood for our people that is safe, secure, challenging and rewarding by delivering ever improving service and products to our customers.

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Located in the Lincoln Lakes Region of Maine, we are a Master Logger Company specializing in Forest Management and Wood Harvesting, as well as operating a full Service Center and Parts Store. Click the button below to explore our services.