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What our clients are saying

“I am so pleased with the job Treeline has done on my wood lot. You were so easy to work with and did a great job as a Forester. My family and grandchildren are going to enjoy the lot now that we have access to it. I will pass the word to other landowners on how pleased I was with your work. Thank you all so much.”

Richard M. Moore

“You were recommended by a friend when we started searching for materials to build our fence. From the first phone call to the last load of cedar posts you were amazing!!! Excellent customer service from the office crew to the yard crew. Thank you SO much!!! You are now our go to place for materials. We highly recommend Treeline!”

​Lisa Reed

“Just another example of the Treeline Team getting it done. It has been brutal with the high temps and humidity. Cub and team just keep on pushing through. Such a pleasure to work with!!!! On another note, just talked to Jason at your shop. I am dropping off my truck today for maintenance. Treeline folks are awesome!”

​Timothy LaBreck

“Dear Whitney: Thank you for the extra amount of time and effort you spent to ensure that the road construction and our family waterfront building lot was a success.  Your construction crew did a perfect job start to finish – the quality is second to none and done right the first time.  Your supervisor Cub and foreman Keith are very knowledgeable and the nicest guys ever.  Your father is a brilliant man.  Your father thoughtfully and carefully designed the project.  Your construction crews are very familiar with maps, GPS, equipment layout / staging trees and gravel placement. The end result is nothing short of a masterpiece.  Thank you so much for the drone video and all the updates during the phases of construction  – I really appreciate everything your company has done for my family.  Feel free to have potential clients call me anytime for a reference – I give you a A++!”

James W. Whitney

“Brian: I want to let you know how pleased I am with Treeline’s harvest of the Thurlow lot in Lakeville this fall. I was impressed with the performance from beginning to end. All the people I dealt with were respectful, courteous and cooperative. I felt they understood our goals for the property and performed their jobs extraordinarily well. I felt especially that Kevin, the buncher operator, took great pains to meet and exceed all the specifications I laid out for him, all with minimal supervision. I am sure this slowed production some and I want you to know that the care and attention to detail are greatly appreciated. You and Chad certainly set the right tone to get it all accomplished well and in a timely manner. I appreciate it as does the landowner. I won’t hesitate to hire your company again should the opportunity arise, and feel free to use me as a reference should that be of use.”


“Working with the team at Treeline was a pleasure.  It was immediately evident that my vision was understood by the forester and that it was then carried out in a fashion that was beneficial to the land and the scope of the project.  The crew was very tidy in making and organizing the yrad as well as the cut was done in a clean and thoughtful manner.  I could not be happier with the work they have done and will be doing in the future. Easy and friendly bunch of professionals to work with.  They were very flexible to my project needs.  I highly recommend the team at Treeline.”

Bill Kelly

“I chose to use Treeline for my land project because of all the help from their office staff. They took the time to answer every question and email in a professional and project practical way. Once they had boots on the ground I completely felt it was going to get done right. They listened to my ideas, were able to see my vision and made it happen in a professional and beautiful way,  all while having my budget in mind. I look forward to using Treeline for all future projects.”

Stephen Lind

“Great Job Treeline!”

I am so pleased with the job that the Treeline crew did on the selective timber harvest on my property!  Cub, Kevin, Gene and Dale did  amazing work!  I am especially grateful for Brian Souers’ advice to be patient during the pandemic and wait for the wood market to stabilize. This allowed me to double my return! Thank you, Treeline!  It has been a great experience!

Molly Johnson

“I just had the pleasure of meeting Brian & crew @ Treeline, Inc. They are your one stop shop for all your land needs in Northern Maine. I recently inherited the family homestead & had no idea how to get work done in the area. Luckily I was put in touch with Treeline. They put me at ease over my concerns. If you need work done on your project the only place you should call is Treeline, Inc. They have helped me in more ways than I can describe.”

T.  Erwin Dodge

I am so happy to find a business that goes the extra mile to serve their community. When they could not make an emergency firewood delivery to a friend in need today, they referred me to someone that could. My friend WILL have heat in her home during the storm predicted for tomorrow. If that had fallen through the employee told me to call her back and said she would personally try to get some wood to my friend. Thank you!

Kendra Sue Cuyler

“The Treeline crew was on the Butterfield Ridge Road in Woodville doing some road work. I happened to stop and talk to them while I was out hunting. The man was loading a machine onto a truck, and I asked him if we would be interested in doing some field work up at my house. The low bed operator, Heath Libby, made a phone call. He gave Keith Crocker, the road construction manager, a call and later that day Keith was at my house checking the job out. He gave me an estimate, and within a week, the crew was there to work! They did exactly what I asked, and I couldn’t be any happier. Within two days, the job was done! The staff was very professional, and I am very satisfied!”

Jay Robinson

“In late 2014, I had a field expansion project scheduled. The first phase was to cut, remove, and chip all of the trees that had overgrown the stone walls and headlands. A local wood products company had this work scheduled for December. After Christmas, I contacted them to see what their schedule was, as time was getting short. Their answer was, “We can’t do it now. We’re too busy!”. I contacted Chad O’Connor of Treeline, Inc., and within an hour there was equipment being moved to my property. The project took a total of five days, start to finish, and I was totally satisfied with the cooperation of the Treeline crew and the end result. Thank you, Chad & Treeline.”

Phil Young

Dear Drivers:

“I live on Webb Cove Drive and have experienced your logging trucks going past my house over the past few weeks.  I would like to compliment all the drivers for their polite behavior and their commitment to safety in my neighborhood.  All of you proceed on our road slowly and carefully with great attention to our personal safety and that of our homes.  I, and a neighbor, walk our dogs every morning and we often encounter your large trucks.  You slow down even further for our dogs and we tremendously appreciate that.
Thanks for your concern and for the smile and waves we exchange every day.”

Ellen Woolley

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