Make a Difference

Treeline supports a variety of important organizations. We recognize the great work that so many organizations are doing, and we are happy to stand alongside them.

Treeline, INC.

TREELINE Making a Difference Fund (TMDF)

In 2011 Treeline, Inc. decided to organize its outreach efforts and empower people to accomplish more by creating the Treeline, Inc. Making a Difference Fund. The fund allows Treeline’s employees and clients to contribute to any of the programs we support, and then Treeline commits to match those contributions!

A few organizations and missions that we support are House in the Woods, Jeff Ludden Memorial Scholarship, MSG Gary Gordon Veteran Center, Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA), Linda Gove Ministries, and Community Kids.

House In The Woods Logo

House In The Woods

House in the Woods mission is to create a therapeutic, recreational, and educational retreat for our nation’s U.S. armed forces and their families, using outdoor wilderness activities in Maine and natural habitats to help participants share common challenges related to their service and sacrifice in protecting our nation’s freedom and democratic ideals.

We will distribute funds annually in January of each year.

Photo of Jeff Ludden

​Jeff Ludden Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Jeffrey Ludden who tragically lost his life on his motorcycle on July 22nd, 2017. Jeff’s entire career had revolved around heavy trucks, trailers, equipment predominately in the forest industry. To say that Jeff Ludden was an outstanding truck driver, equipment operator and technician is a great understatement. Jeff raised the bar in everything he did. In the process he touched and inspired not only our culture at Treeline but our entire community. This Scholarship, in his name, will memorialize and sustain the positive impact that Jeff had on our industry.

We will distribute funds when a worthy student has been selected.

Photo fo MSG Gary Gordon

MSG Gary Gordon Veteran Center

MSG Gary Gordon Veteran Center is a non-profit whose mission is to honor and empower all Veterans and ensure they are treated with sincere gratitude and respect for their service and that Veterans are given full assistance. Some of the many things that they do are, assisting Vets with military “forms” to receive proper benefits, providing temporary housing to homeless Vets and helping them with their future, fixing homes of Vets and acting as a “Burial Officer” at military funerals, and so much more.

We will distribute funds annually in February of each year.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Logo

Alzheimer’s Foundation

The mission of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) is to provide support, services and education to individuals, families and caregivers affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias nationwide, and fund research for better treatment and a cure.

We will distribute funds annually in April of each year.

Linda Gove Ministries Photo

Linda Gove Ministries

Linda Gove Ministries is a non-denominational, Christian organization with an intense vision to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Linda and her husband, Manley, who live here in Maine, are active in sharing Christ’s love through numerous ministries, including building churches, feeding the hungry, finding safe homes for orphans, and providing wells.

We will distribute funds annually in May of each year.

Community Kids Logo

Community Kids

Community Kids is a non-profit extension of the children’s ministries of Community Evangel Temple. Community Kids serves the greater Lincoln community through an after-school program, a preschool enrichment and full-day care program, as well as a four-week summer camp for students entering grades 1-8. In 2005 the program started as an after-school program for 6 students, and now it has grown to serve 110 students and their families.

We will distribute funds annually in March of each year.

Silent Sidekicks Logo

Silent Sidekicks

Their mission is to enrich people’s lives and promote health and happiness through positive experiences with animals. We accomplish this by creating events and activities in the community that promote the awareness of the benefits of the Human-Animal Bond. We recruit, train, and match Silent Sidekick teams with health care facilities, hospitals, schools, and libraries that would like to have animal-assisted therapy/activity programs.

We will distribute funds annually in June of each year.

Treeline Family Emergency Needs

When someone in the Treeline family experiences a difficult situation, we want to be there to support them. Sometimes a fire destroys a home, sometimes it’s a family member that falls ill, we know at any time someone in our Treeline circle may need some financial help and we want to be there for them.

We will distribute funds as needed.

Lincoln Area Community Support

Natural disasters, fires and local community members falling on tough times, it can happen at any time. This is a fund set up for such circumstances.

We will distribute funds as needed.

General Fund

To be distributed to any of the above funds as needed or to be used for special local community events or activities that Treeline may sponsor.

We will distribute funds as needed.

If you would like to donate to the Treeline Making A Difference Fund, send an email to When you contact Heather, please indicate which organization you would like your donation to go towards. Treeline will match all donations made to the Treeline Making A Difference Fund.