Make a Difference

Treeline Making a Difference provides an opportunity for people to experience the joy of giving to others and make a positive difference in our community.

TREELINE Making a Difference Fund (TMDF)

Treeline Making a Difference (TMD) is a 501c3 nonprofit charity committed to supporting Veterans, youth, and our local community. The fund allows Treeline’s employees, clients, and community members the opportunity to give to others. Since its inception in 2011, TMD has provided over $37,000 to various groups and to local community organizations. Current support is focused on House in the Woods, Jeffrey Ludden Memorial Scholarship, Community Kids, Lincoln Area Community Support, and General Fund. TMD’s Board of Directors welcomes input and participation to insure wise use of all funds.

How you can Contribute

Make a Time Commitment

    • Participate in board meetings
    • Help with fundraising


  • Add a recurring Weekly Payroll Contribution
  • Make a One Time Donation


Spread the Word

    • Share how TMD has impacted your or your loved one’s life
    • Encourage folks with needs to reach out to us for assistance

TMD’s Summer

Scratch Ticket Raffle

Join our raffle for a chance to win! Tickets are just $5 each, or increase your odds with five tickets for $20. You’ll also be supporting TMDF and the good work we are trying to do in our community. It’s a simple way to contribute to a good cause while having a shot at a nice bonus.

Raffle Details

PRIZE: One winner takes home $200 in scratch tickets + $100 cash!
TICKET COST: $5 for 1 Ticket; $20 for 5 Tickets

Need Assistance?

If you, someone you love, or an organization you care about needs physical, financial, or other help, use or share our Need Request Form to help connect them with potential support from Treeline Making a Difference.  A Need Request can be quickly and easily submitted via our Online Form or you can use this printable version.

**All forms are available in hardcopy format in the Treeline Mailroom at the Main Office. 

Your Donations support

House In The Woods Logo

House In The Woods

House in the Woods mission is to create a therapeutic, recreational, and educational retreat for our nation’s U.S. armed forces and their families, using outdoor wilderness activities in Maine and natural habitats to help participants share common challenges related to their service and sacrifice in protecting our nation’s freedom and democratic ideals.

Photo of Jeff Ludden

​Jeffrey Ludden Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Jeff Ludden who tragically lost his life on his motorcycle on July 22nd, 2017. Jeff’s entire career had revolved around heavy trucks, trailers, and equipment predominately in the forest industry. To say that Jeffrey Ludden was an outstanding truck driver, equipment operator and technician is a great understatement. Jeff raised the bar in everything he did. In the process he touched and inspired not only our culture at Treeline but our entire community. This Scholarship, in his name, will memorialize and sustain the positive impact that Jeff had on our industry.

Community Kids Logo

Community Kids

Community Kids is a non-profit extension of the children’s ministries of Community Evangel Temple. Community Kids serves the greater Lincoln community through an after-school program, a preschool enrichment and full-day care program, as well as a four-week summer camp for students entering grades 1-8. In 2005 the program started as an after-school program for 6 students, and now it has grown to serve many families in the surrounding Lincoln area.

Map of Lincoln, Maine

Lincoln Area Community Support

Natural disasters, fires, and local community members falling on tough times- it can happen at any time. This is a fund set up for such circumstances.

General Fund

General Fund

To be distributed to any of the above funds as needed or to be used for special local community events or activities that TMD may sponsor.