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The core of our business centers on Maine’s forestry products.

Chester Wood Yard

Wood Products For All Your Needs

At Treeline we work hard to deliver you the best wood products such as firewood, cedar fence posts, cedar wood chips, counter tops, custom-made timber, pine slabs, skidder bridges, and sawdust.


Cut & Split Firewood

We have for sale various types of tree length firewood products which are available for delivery via tractor trailer.

Cut and Split 16" Hardwood

​Cut and Split 16″ Hardwood

$75 per basket
Holds approx. ¼ of a cord
Basket Deposit of $20

Photo of Cut and Split Camp Wood

Cut and Split Camp Wood

Camp Wood at $40 per basket
​Basket Deposit of $20

Photo of Cut and Split Greenwood

​Cut and Split Greenwood

$230 per cord or $430 per multiple cords
Delivered within 25 Miles
Additional Charge for deliveries over 25 Miles

Photo of Greenwood

​Cut and Split Greenwood

Come fill up your pickup or trailer for $200 per cord. $5 loading fee if we load it for you with our loader.

Photo of Hemlock Blocks

Cut and Split Hemlock Blocks

$25 per pickup load or $60 for 3 pickup loads
Limited Availability

Photo of Trailer Load of Processed Firewood

Trailer Load of Processed Firewood

Contact us for pricing and availability


Tree Length Firewood

We have for sale various types of tree length firewood products which are available for delivery via tractor trailer.

Photo of Wheeler Load of Tree Length Wood Green Wood

​Wheeler Load of Tree Length Wood

Green Wood Delivered Locally at $1,200 per load

Photo of  Tractor Trailer Load of Tree Length Wood

​Tractor Trailer Load of Tree
Length Wood

Contact us for pricing and availability.

Photo of 8' Hemlock Slabs

​8′ Hemlock Slabs

$25 per pickup load or $60 for three pickup loads. ​Limited Availability.


Custom-Made Timber

Treeline, Inc. cuts and sells custom-made timbers and planks of all types, shapes, and sizes. These rough sawn timbers and lumber come in lengths up to 20’ long and widths up to 22” wide. We carry a wide variety of wood species including hemlock, red pine, white pine, spruce, fir, cedar, tamarack and several hardwoods. No order is too small or large! Give us a call today to receive a quote!

Skidder Bridges

Skidder bridges and crane mats help reduce the amount of time needed to move equipment, help prevent additional wear and tear on equipment, and ultimately provide the highest level of water quality and fish and wildlife habitat protection during timber harvests. We offer hardwood and hemlock skidder bridges and crane mats of all shapes and sizes. Contact us for more information about availability, pricing and delivery.


Sawdust for sale by the cubic yard. This is a mixture of hardwood and hemlock sawdust. This is great for mulch or very useful for your farm. Cost: $4.50 per cubic yard loaded and $3.50 per cubic yard self-loaded and while supplies last. Delivery can also be arranged for additional costs.

Pine Slabs

We offer a variety of beautiful pine slabs that have been milled at our sawmill. Pine slabs can be used for many projects to add a natural rustic appeal to your home decor. Prices range from $50- $150. Sizes vary in width, length, and thickness.

Cedar Fence Posts

Cedar fence posts for sale. Cedar has a reputation for durability when it comes to fence posts. The cedar posts are 4″ in diameter are 8′ in length for a cost of $3.50 per post. Pricing is for pick up only. Contact us to inquire about delivery.

Counter Tops & Bench Tops

Looking for a custom made counter top? We have beautiful pine boards that we have milled for counter tops! These come in 8 foot, 10 foot, and 12 foot lengths. They are 3 inches thick and range between 19 and 26 inches wide. The 8 foot lengths are $50 each, the 10 foot lengths are $75 each, and the 12 foot lengths are $100 each! These could also be made into benches!

Cedar Wood Chips

Woodchips are typically used in gardening and landscaping. Woodchips can be a great mulch resource which can add nutrients to your soil, provide moisture retention for your plants and suppress weeds. We sell our cedar wood chips at a cost of $120 per load (roughly 10 yards) or $12 per yard.

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Wood Products

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