Forest Mangement

It’s time to have a reputable company manage your growing assets.

Woodlot Stewardship

Let’s Work Together

At Treeline we recognize the importance the small non-industrial landowner has to Maine’s forest health, diversity, and economy. Woodlots, no matter how small or large, provide income as well as clean air, water, homes for both people and wildlife, recreational opportunities, and a wide array of products we use every day. Our common sense approach to woodlot stewardship can help you achieve a multitude of goals.

Our licensed forester and technicians can provide you with the following services:

Free Evaluation of Woodlot

Timber Sale Appraisals

Tree Growth Plans and Updates

Multiple Use Forest Management

Boundary Line Maintenance

Facilitation of Land Surveying

Appropriate Timber Management

Timber Harvesting and Marketing

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement

Recreational Opportunities

Such as Ski or Hiking Trail Construction, Pond Creation, and Others

Brush Cutting & Roadside Clearing

Treeline, Inc.

Certified Master Logger

Treeline is committed to very high standards in all that we do, hence being a certified Master Logger Company. The Master Logger Certification Program offers third-party independent certification of logging companies’ harvesting practices. To receive this certification regular audits are performed. The goals that guide a Master Logger are as follows: document harvest planning, protect water quality, maintain soil productivity, sustain forest ecosystems, manage forest aesthetics, ensure workplace safety, demonstrate continuous improvement, ensure business viability, and uphold certificate integrity.

We Are Here to Help

Forest Management

Let Treeline’s 38 years of professional experience, commitment to safety, and exceptional work ethic help you realize all your woodlot has to offer.

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