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Transforming Timber Harvesting with Treeline

Treeline, Inc. is your trusted partner in timber harvesting and marketing in Chester, Maine. Our comprehensive suite of offerings is designed to meet your every need, ensuring that you receive the highest quality, efficiency, and satisfaction.

What Our Timber Solutions Can Help You with:

Timber Harvesting

Our team of experts uses the best practices in timber harvesting to ensure the health and sustainability of your woodland. We provide:

  • Selective Cutting: Harvesting or removing a desired tree specie(s) to encourage healthy growth of the remaining forest.
  • Clear Cutting: This is used when the land is being converted for other uses. All trees are removed, providing maximum timber volume.
  • Shelterwood Cutting: This involves removing trees in stages, promoting natural regeneration of the forest.

Timber Marketing

We leverage our extensive network and best practices in timber marketing to help you get the best value for your timber. Our marketing services include:

  • Market Analysis and Pricing: We analyze market trends to set competitive prices for your timber.
  • Timber Sales and Negotiation: We handle the sale of your timber, negotiating the best prices on your behalf.
  • Contract Management and Administration: We manage all aspects of the sales contract, ensuring a smooth transaction.

Harvest and Market your Timber with Treeline Today!

At Treeline, Inc., we understand that every woodland owner has unique goals and needs. Whether you’re looking to maximize profit, promote wildlife habitat, or preserve family land for future generations, we’re here to help. Our commitment to timber harvesting and marketing excellence ensures that you’ll receive the highest level of service and satisfaction.

Choose Treeline, Inc. for your timber harvesting and marketing needs in Chester, Maine. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you manage your woodland resources effectively and sustainably.

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Our team is ready to serve you in the following areas:

Benedicta, Burlington, Carroll, Chester, Crystal, Dover-Foxcroft, Drew, Dyer Brook, East Millinocket, Edinburg, Enfield, Etna, Glenburn, Grand Falls, Greenbush, Grindstone, Haynesville, Hersey, Holden, Houlton, Howland, Island Falls, Kingman, Kossuth, Lake View, Lakeville, Lee, Levant, Lincoln, Lowell, Macwahoc, Mattamiscontis, Mattawamkeag, Medford, Medway, Milford, Milo, Millinocket, Molunkus, Mount Chase, Old Town, Orono, Passadumkeag, Patten, Prentiss, Reed, Seboeis, Sherman, Silver Ridge, Springfield, Stacyville, Veazie, Winn, Woodville, Wytopitlcok.
*Towns served are dependent on the project. Call to discuss your project further and to see about additional locations!

Woodlot Stewardship

Let's Work Together

At Treeline, Inc., we recognize the importance that the small non-industrial landowner has to Maine's forest health, diversity, and economy. Woodlots, regardless of their size, offer income, clean air, water, homes for both people and wildlife, recreational opportunities, and a wide array of everyday products. Our practical approach to woodlot stewardship and forest management can help you achieve a multitude of goals.
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Located in the Lincoln Lakes Region of Maine, we are a Master Logger Company specializing in Forest Management and Wood Harvesting, as well as operating a full Service Center and Parts Store. Click the button below to explore our services.