Treeline is featured in Farm Credit East’s Financial Partner Magazine Summer 2021 Issue. Both Brian and Whitney Souers are featured in the article titled “Stewards of the Land” under the Sustainable Forest Management subheading.

Here is a small excerpt:

Since 1990, managed forests and other lands in the U.S. have absorbed more carbon dioxide than they limit. With more than 40% of the land in the northeaster U.S. being forestland, the environmentally preferable practices used in the woods are key mitigants to climate change.

Maine is one of the region’s most forested states, with 89% of the state’s land covered in forests. These forests provide an important avenue to capture carbon from the atmosphere. According to the Maine Governor’s Forst Carbon Task Force, Maine’s forests sequester about 60% of the state’s annual carbon emissions, but the task force aims to build upon this through sustainable forest management.

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