Wow—There is a Lot Going on at Treeline!

  • AFM – Dick Chesley and his gang are getting in to full swing!
  • SAPPI – Kevin, Adam and Kyle are onto their 2nd lot!
  • Army – Cub and his crew are wrapping up the Army Job and moving on to a four bridge project for P&C, among many other smaller jobs!
  • Williamsburg – Gene & Brian have been going great guns with help from a few others! Wrapping up and heading to the next job!
  • Brush Buster – Rick Muncey has installed a Promac brush head on our 2011 Tigercat 822. Carroll Albert will run the new 822D. Congrats Carroll!! Between Alby and Carroll, that 2011 822 cut a lot of wood! Now it will cut a lot of Brush!! It’s first job is brushing back a road on the Katahdin Wood & Waters National Monument.
  • Poland Spring – Doug Wakefield is staying busy during the week in Poland and hauling water. Thank you Doug!
  • Bob – is pulling his hair out trying to keep it all going in spite of tough markets, quotas, and other obstacles! He says, “Thank God for such a Great Crew!”
  • Other – Many more notable things happening, but out of room for this month!! 🙂

COVID-19 Testing

If you are concerned that you may have been exposed to COVID-19, here is an option for you. Health Access Network now offers a COVID-19 drive-thru testing service by appointment.

How does it work? It’s simple! Call HAN at 207.794.6700 between 8AM and 4PM and ask for the COVID-19 Consultation Line. A clinical staff member will talk with you and help you determine your best care option.

If the clinical staff member recommends that you be tested, they can simply schedule you an appointment at their drive-thru. The drive-thru is located near the back entrance of the Lincoln site and the staff will be ready for you! We’ve heard that some received their results back in 24 hours!

Anniversary Milestones

Since our 2020 Winter Celebration!

  • Brian Souers—7/1/2020—35 Years
  • Emden Tash—5/10/2020—20 Years
  • Brian Mack—4/19/2020—10 Years
  • Keith Kneeland—7/6/2020—5 Years
  • Tony Lane II—6/29/2020—5 Years

If you see them, be sure to congratulate them!

Welcome to the Treeline Team!

  • Dale Downs—If you happen to be up in the woods by Williamsburg, say hello to Dale, he will be in the skidder. Or maybe you will see him around Treeline. Wherever you see him, say “hello”!
  • Jair Mendes—If you see Jair out and about, be sure to say “hello.” Jair is working as our new media specialist!

Welcome to the Treeline Team – Dale, and Jair!